Montreal critical reading group/Groupe de lecture critique de Montréal

The Montreal critical reading group is a group of users and producers of academic research which meets regularly to share ideas and challenge our assumptions, and those we find in academic literature, in order to become more responsible and effective allies in struggles for social justice.

Meetings are the first or second Sunday of each month at 6:00pm at one of our personal residences (in Mile End, Rosemont, Villeray, Parc Extension or the Plateau).

Readings are available in the shared Dropbox folder. Ask Andrew if you don't have the address.

Upcoming meetings

Topic TBA

2015 June. Facilitator: TBA.

Possible future themes: freedom of speech, power, non-binary gender, identity, epistemology, the nature of violence, embodiment, indigenous law, equality, hegemony (Gramsci)

Past meetings (2014-2015)


2015 April 30. Host and facilitator: Stephanie S.


2015 March 10. Host and facilitator: Tarik.

  • Charles Manski. Public Policy in an Uncertain World, Chapter 1: Introduction. Harvard University Press, 2013.


2015 January 11. Host and facilitator: Stephanie A.


2014 November 2. Host and facilitator: Tarik.


2014 October 5. Host and facilitator: Andrew.

Safe spaces in education

2014 September 7. Host and facilitator: Stephanie S.

Past meetings (2013-2014)

White privilege

2014 April 27. Host and facilitator: Catherine.


2014 March 30. Host and facilitator: Stephanie S.

Sex work

2014 March 16. Host and facilitator: Ashley.


2014 February 23. Host and facilitator: Tarik.


2014 February 2. Host and facilitator: Andrew.

Health and the social construction of gender

2014 January 12. Host and facilitator: Catherine.


2013 December 15. Host and facilitator: Stephanie S.

  • Said, Edward W., "Speaking Truth to Power." Representations of the Intellectual. New York: Vintage, 1993. 85-102.
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