How meetings work

Meetings take place from 6:00pm to 10:00pm on Sunday evenings, the first or second Sunday of each month.

At each meeting, a volunteer facilitator leads a discussion on a predetermined theme of their choice. They may organize the discussion as they see fit: it may be centered around a reading or two which participants will be encouraged to read in advance; it may include encouraging participants to bring their own contribution; it may involve inviting guest speakers. "Readings" can be interpreted broadly, including non-academic literature and multimedia.

Activities should emphasize learning from or critiquing articles, and/or developing analytic and communication skills. Critiques should focus on the underlying assumptions, value judgments, and social context of an article, as opposed to an assessment of methodological rigour as in a typical journal club.


We will share a meal during the meeting. The host can decide whether they want to cook for all participants, request a potluck, or simply order take-out. Participants with dietary restrictions are encouraged to notify the host in advance. There will be no expectation that food will be fancy.

Ground rules

  • We ask for the cooperation of all those present in striving to ensure that the meeting is as safe a space as possible. This means no discriminatory/oppressive language.
  • All participants are free to speak in the language of their choice. Participants are also free to request translation when they do not understand the language being used by someone else.
  • Tangents are fine.
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